Awesome Mother-Daughter Matching Tattoos To Show Off Your Unbreakable Bond

Tattoos have truly made it to the mainstream. Once the exclusive domain of surly sailors and Japanese gangsters, these permanent, personal artistic expressions are just as commonly found on soccer moms these days as anywhere else. With such widespread acceptance, it’s no surprise that an increasingly popular tattoo concept is the mother-daughter tattoo, matching, contrasting or complementary designs that speak to both parent and child, as well as the bond between the two. Some commemorate a milestone, some are just for laughs, but they’re all deeply beautiful, not only in their aesthetics but their meaning.

There are absolutely copious numbers of images on Instagram under the hashtag #motherdaughtertattoo, but we’ve cobbled together a few of our favorites for your enjoyment (or maybe even inspiration).

They run the gamut from artistic explosions …

To peaceful connections.

If you’re thinking about a matched set like this, remember you’re celebrating two personalities with these, not just one!

(Given the Star Wars fever sweeping the nation, this pic would have gotten bonus points if the second tattoo said, “I know.”)


Symmetry is always classic, and when you’re apart can be a real conversation starter.

Share a favorite book or film? Immortalize that in shared ink.

Nobody says you can’t simply match perfectly.

But subtle tweaks can be fun as well.


If your mom’s not so gung-ho about the idea (or your daughter!), try selling her on a simple, subtle and small design like this.

Or give her a design that will make her smile so big she can’t refuse.

Quotes and lyrics are always a good bet.

But in the end, it’s up to you to decide what indelible artwork really says it all about the two of you.

Via: Bored Panda | Instagram

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