Awesome Photos Of Parents Catching Their Kids Doing Something Ridiculous

The innocence of children can lead to some hilarious situations. Kids often do things without thinking or realizing the context of their actions, and thankfully, we typically have cameras readily available to capture those situations before they're over.

The Internet has allowed us to share our children's most embarrassing moments before they have a chance to tell us they don't want them shared. 

Do you remember the days when your bad decisions were left in the family photo albums where they belonged? These 15 children will wish their parents never heard of anything like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

1. No Shame


Sometimes you just have to accept who you are and express yourself in ways that have never been done before. As long as you're happy.

2. She's A Real Oinker


To humans, this is a weird way to show affection for any animal. To pigs, this kid has nailed it. You have to know your audience.

3. Sweet Revenge


Once I saw the bananas, I would begin to wonder what else he did, and probably scour the house looking for other pranks realizing there was nothing. This kid has won the day.

4. Owl Night Long


Who was your best friend at this age? This girl has realized this nocturnal companion will always watch over her and make sure she is taken care of.


5. He's Not Half The Man He Used To Be


At first glance, this would freak any parent out. He is taking the game of "quicksand" to a whole new level. He's such a loveable torso.

6. Ghost In The Machine


This generous kid is the Oprah of Chuck-E-Cheese. You get a stuffed animal! You get a stuffed animal! And you get a stuffed animal! 

7. Let's Go Back A Second


There are few questions that accompany this photo. How long was this kid hanging there before the picture was taken? And how long were his parents snapping photos before they rescued him?

8. Dinosaurs Did Yard Work


What his parents don't realize is some dinosaurs were vegetarians and spent their entire day roaming around the countryside trimming bushes and mowing lawns.

9. What Did She Do?!


Whatever this girl did, she felt strongly about her decision. Sometimes you have to stick to your guns no matter what the rules say or how long you'll be grounded.

10. The Right Spot


You need to try out different positions until you find the one that really works and feels the most comfortable, and it doesn't usually happen overnight.


11. Snorkel Master


He probably stared at that fountain for a while before realizing the best way to extract his treasures. The whole time he's proudly thinking, "why didn't anyone else think of this?"

12. Munchies


Something tells us this is going to be a habit this kid will face when he is an adult. It's not something you can just give up. 

13. Organizational Techniques


Kids mimic a lot of what their parents do, so it's important to set a good example with your actions. She'll make a good store manager one day.

14. High On Life


Look, folks! It's the only person on Earth who thinks that airplane seats are comfortable. He should wear his seatbelt in case of turbulence.

15. Join The Dark Side


Telling a kid Darth Vader is a bad guy is ignoring the relative belief that Anakin Skywalker was doing everything in his power to save the Republic and instill peace in the galaxy. 

How many photos can you locate of your kids doing hilarious things? Better yet, how many photos do you have of yourself doing funny things?

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