Awesome Real Life Yard Signs That'll Make You LOL

At some point or another, nearly everyone puts up a sign in their front yard. These are almost always the same signs that everyone else puts up.

They support local politicians, they advertise yard sales, they exhort us to go to church, that kind of thing. Those yard signs are pretty harmless, but they're also not very interesting.

These yard signs, on the other hand, are different. Each and every one of them rewards the reader with, at the very least, a wry smile and quite often a straight up howl of laughter. 

These 15 awesome real life yard signs will have you laughing out loud. 

1. Just Telling It Like It Is


This parting shot guarantees that while the temperatures are running high at home, the prices are going to be rock bottom. Their loss is our gain.

2. An Unfortunate Coincidence?

Just Something

Please tell us that this isn't what it looks like. Or is Polly no longer in need of a cracker? Suddenly, we're not hungry.

3. Suave

Flea Chic

This yard sign is going for the full-on charm offensive. Instead of encouraging you to visit the yard sale, it's going to seduce you there instead. 

4. We Hope So


You might need to look carefully at this one. "Not Haunted?" Yup, that's a big selling point for us when we look for a home.


5. Celebrity Endorsement

Flea Chic

What could be more tempting than a yard sale? How about a yard sale endorsed by a giant-sized cutout of Fabio? We're not sure why it works, but it does.

6. Oh Bless


Well, if you have to make one heartfelt confession in your life, may it be this one. This is the sweetest mix up in history. 

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja

Funny Junk

We have to assume that this turtle is, in fact, Donatello in disguise, and he's been out to do battle with his nemesis, Shredder. 

8. Don't Have To Tell Us Twice


Sure there may be less frightening ways to ward off thieves, but would any of them be as on target as this one? We don't think so.

9. Probably A Yard Sale

Jiffy Feet

You'll know soon enough. If somebody starts chasing you around wafting bad perfume samplers at you, it's a department store. Otherwise, you can have fun.

10. Flipping The Birds


Oh, life. That escalated quickly. One phone call to the police and then... flamingos! Lots of flamingos. We'd love to know what happened next. 

11. Nice Use Of The Apostrophe

No Way Girl

Normally when a sign is this irrational, the apostrophe usage is a disaster, but this is just fine. Poor Grandma, we hope she didn't see this. 


12. Not Of Sheep, We Hope


This may be our favorite lawn sign of all time. There's something so zen about this. What does grass dream of? The sunshine, the rain, earthworms?

13. Angry Cat

World Wide Interweb

The pangs of withdrawal can be severe but seriously, this is a really good-natured way to try and instill some courtesy in other people. 

14. Not So Patient


These folks really don't like smoking. So it's best to butt out of their space with those smokes if you want to stay dry. 

15. Comprehensive


There really is no room for doubt here, is there? These people simply don't want strangers knocking on their door. We bet they still do anyway. 

Which one was your favorite? We're going to stick with dreaming grass. They were all brilliant in their way, though.

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