Babies Pose As Superheroes To Create Some Amazing Photographs

Apr 18, 2015

Every parent loves to show off their newborn's first pictures, but, traditionally, these photographs can be somewhat bland. But with the work of photographers like Australian-born photographer Anne Geddes, who started to showcase newborns in peculiar, yet adorable ways (like sleeping on a bed of roses, or peeking out of a flower pot), these traditions began to change.

As these ideas began to take on a life of their own, many parents were delighted, giving in to their long-lasting fantasy of dressing their children as their favorite characters from sci-fi movies, books or television shows. These pop-culture pictures showcase the sweetest of babies playing the roles of their parents' dreams. In this case, the parents are clearly fans of comic-book superheroes.

Regardless of who the photography session is all about, it is always a must to make sure that the models are comfortable, content and safe.

Baby Flash

Jme Portraits

Itsy-Bitsy Spider-Man

Jme Portraits


The Littlest Batman

Kimberly G Photography

Little Wonder Woman

A piece of Lisa photography

Another Small Spidey

Jme Portraits

Baby Batman

Jme Portraits

Cutie Clark Kent (this little guy’s name really is Clark)

Kerri Rodenbaugh


Super-Small Superman


Teeny-Tiny Captain America


Another Pint-Sized Superman

Krastina Rashlich

Credit: Bored Panda

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