Baby Crib Is Transformed Into A Stunning Dog Crate

Babies grow up so quickly, and all the expensive things that you buy for your child become obsolete sooner than you can get the most bang out of your buck for them. One of the more expensive items that infants tend to outgrow in just a few short years is their crib. A quality crib can cost a lot of money, but few people have a use for it once their baby becomes too big to sleep in it any longer. If you don't have any friends or family members who can appreciate and make use of a secondhand crib, and you are having trouble selling it online to someone else, then what do you do with this bulky item? Simply throwing out a perfectly good bed seems like such a terrible waste, but Mindi from My Love 2 Create has found a fantastic way to repurpose a crib and make it quite useful for her dog.

It is always a good idea to have a crate handy if you own a dog, for proper house-training or to prevent your dog from destroying the house when there is no one around to supervise him. Sunny is Mindi's beloved puppy. She started out as a small, bright-eyed pup, but she was quickly growing into a big, healthy dog that needed more space than her small crate could provide. That's when Mindi decided to make a crate for her instead of spending hundreds of dollars on one. Turning to Craigslist, Mindi found a secondhand crib that was in good condition that she could turn into a quality crate for Sunny. And here's how she did it:

Once she had purchased the crib, she started by taking measurements of each piece. She had to ensure that the crate she made could comfortably fit her dog and through her doorway.

Then it was time to start cutting the top and sides of the frame so that she could fit it through her door.

Extra reinforcements were added to the sides so that it would withstand her dog's attempts to escape the crate and for transportation purposes.

Taking the piece of the crib that was originally designed to slide up and down on one side, Mindi cut it in half to make the doors for her new crate.


She then took a piece of plywood and traced the outline of the crate's perimeter to get a perfect fit for the base of the crate.

Everything was starting to come together really well.

After all the pieces were in place, she repainted the crate so that it would look brand new.

Afterward, she added wheels on the bottom so that it could be wheeled around the house.


Beautiful old barn wood was added to the top of the crate for an elegant, rustic look. It went perfectly with the overall look and feel of Sunny's new crate.

To really give it a polished look, Mindi added marble vinyl floors to the inside of the crate.

Just as expected, Sunny absolutely loved her new crate. "It is perfect for her to sit, stand, and curl up in a ball and sleep. I love that she has so much room to move around," Mindi wrote on her post.

The crate is such a wonderful addition to their home. Not only does Sunny have a spacious, comfortable bed to sleep in, but Mindi also added some decor on the top to complete the piece. To learn about the full project, check out Mindi's post here.

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H/T: NX2 | My Love 2 Create

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