Baby Elephant Startles Himself While Sneezing

One of the first things they tell you on a safari is to always keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected. You just can't tell when you may spot something. If you ever get the chance to go on one, I would highly recommend it. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.

Not every memorable moment in the jungle revolves around lions and gazelles, however. Sometimes, nature's most eventful moments don't involve bloodshed. Take the video below, for example. While out in the wilderness, this group stopped near a watering hole to let a family of elephants pass through. That's when they saw one of the most pricelessly adorable sights ever.

The mama elephant was leading, with her two babiesĀ in tow close behind. The group felt particularly drawn to one of the calves who even turned to look right at them. As he was examining the tour group, he suddenly let out a big ol' sneeze! The force of it rocked his whole body and startled him to the point of letting out a little trumpeting noise. As hilarious as it was for all the people watching, the poor little guy was pretty spooked and ended up hight-tailing it after his mother.

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H/T: kikicat25

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