Baby Is Burned By Hot Water From A Garden Hose

One of the best ways to enjoy a hot summer's day outdoors is with ice-cold drinks and a refreshing dip in the pool. That's why Dominique Woodger, a loving mother who lives in San Tan Valley, Arizona, decided to let her baby boy cool off in their kiddie pool. It was an intensely hot day, and a nice, cool dip seemed like a great idea. So, Dominique grabbed the garden hose and began to fill up the small pool. Surprisingly, her nine-month-old son started crying as the water splashed on him.

"I thought he was crying because he was mad. He hates when he gets sprayed in the face," Dominique explained to local news station KNXV. But when she inspected her wailing child, she was horrified to discover that his skin was suddenly covered with red, blistering lesions. She immediately rushed him to the hospital, where they treated him for second-degree burns that covered more than 30% of his tiny body.

Later, Dominique found out how her child had come to suffer such serious burns so suddenly. Apparently, the water in her garden hose had been heating up in the scorching sunny weather that day. When the temperature reaches 115 degrees on a hot day (roughly the same temperature as that fateful day), the water inside a hose can heat up to 150 degrees. Scalding water can cause third-degree burns on adults at 140 degrees, and children ages five and under are even more vulnerable because they have thinner skin.

Now, Woodger is spreading awareness of the hidden dangers of garden-hose water in extremely hot weather. She is urging parents to take caution when turning on the water outside to avoid this kind of accident. It is always best to check the temperature before spraying the water onto anyone - especially children.

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H/T: Newsy

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