Baby Is Found Inside Trash Bag

When we hear about love at first sight, we often think about a romantic encounter. For Rachel Van Eerden and her husband Jim, however, it was a different story. In 2004, they were on a mission trip to Ecuador, where they visited an orphanage with two of their own children. It was there where they fell in love with a baby boy. "While we're on the tour, my eyes met this little baby," Rachel recalled. "It was love at first sight."

Baby Eddie, named after the police officer who had brought him to the orphanage, was officially adopted years later after many obstacles and challenges. Now, he is happily growing up in a loving home with doting parents and ten other siblings, but his life had not always been easy. He was abandoned as a baby, possibly due to his Down syndrome, and left in a trash bag next to the dumpster.

Thankfully, an Ecuadorian carpenter noticed the moving trash bag outside his workshop, and Eddie was rescued from certain death. He was taken to an orphanage dedicated to children with special needs, and there he would wait until his fateful encounter with Rachel and Jim. The family has dubbed Eddie the "Ambassador of Love" to acknowledge all the love and joy he has brought his new family and those around him.

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H/T: Brownrygg Woolls

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