Baby Monitor Catches The Moment Boiler Explodes In Kid's Playroom

Anne-Marie and Chris Faiola are the proud parents of four-year-old Jamisen and baby Lily. Anne-Marie left her two kids in the care of her nanny at the Faiola's Bellingham, Washington residence one day to run a few errands. On her way home, she received a frightening phone call.

Back at the house, Lily was upstairs sleeping while little Jamisen was enjoying the family’s playroom. It was just mere moments after Jamisen left that an explosion rocked the room. 

The nanny reported hearing a clicking noise from the other room, followed by a series of bangs. When she noticed smoke and dust rising from the vents, she grabbed the children and ran out of the house toward safety. 

While investigating the scene, the family found that the close call had been caught on film by their baby monitor.

Anne-Marie Faiola


The “freak accident” hit the Faiola household in 2015. Reviewing the footage, Anne-Marie watched as the playroom wall imploded - filling the room with smoke.


Firefighters on the scene found the Faiola’s boiler had exploded due to dangerously high levels of gas inside the house. Thankfully, the boiler exploded sideways into the empty playroom rather than upwards into Lily’s bedroom above. Had anyone been using the stove at the time, the entire house would have been destroyed.

Nobody was injured in the accident, but the family learned a valuable lesson about checking your gas levels.

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“PSA: Check your boilers,” Anne Marie wrote on Facebook. “This video of our home explosion was taken yesterday on our nanny cam soon after our sweet four-year-old had been downstairs. Thankfully, everyone is safe. The house, not so much.”


Check out the video below to see the explosion in real time:

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