Baby Rescue Goat Wants To Kiss Everyone He Meets

Here at Wimp, we've seen time and time again just how awesome animal mothers can be. From elephants to whales, cats to dogs, each species relies on sharp mothering (or, in the case of seahorses, fathering!) instincts to care for their young. Although they are not always understood by humans, these instincts are a direct result of evolution trial and error that spans centuries. When it comes to animals raising their babies, it's safe to say they have a system that works. 

Sometimes, though, what's best for a mother and her baby might seem harsh to the outside world. Take, for instance, the story of Dean the baby goat. Dean was born to an older mother, who was simply too weak to care for her son. Knowing that nursing her young would kill her, Dean's mother abandoned him – like I said, harsh, but a real-life example of survival of the fittest. 

Dean, however, wasn't ready to quit fighting. Though shockingly frail and starving for milk, Dean was still clinging to life when he was rescued by Caitlin Stewart, owner of Rancho Relaxo. Slowly, she nursed the baby goat back to health – and now? He's the friendliest, spunkiest little guy on the whole farm

In his determination to spread joy wherever he goes, it almost seems as if Dean is saying “thanks” for his second chance at life. His favorite way to show his appreciation? Big, sloppy, wet goat kisses – not just for Caitlin, but for any man, beast, or child that crosses his path! Keep reading to see just a few of the adorable moments that Caitlin has shared with Dean's 43,000 followers on Instagram

Meet Dean the baby goat: lover of life, giver of kisses, and best friend of every animal and human at Rancho Relaxo. 

Although his mother was too weak to care for him and abandoned him shortly after birth, Dean found a new mom when he was rescued by Caitlin Stewart.

As strange as it might sound to us, Dean's mother knew that abandoning her kid would actually be his best chance to survive. 

The story of how Caitlin found Dean is heartbreaking. As she wrote on Instagram, “I drove to the farm where Dean was born and was led to a small, dark barn that was set away from the main barns. Silence. Not a noise. The farmer pointed down and to the right. There he was. A miniature thing – locked in a rusty dog crate.” 


“He was not crying. He was simply curled up against the panel of the cage – staring. Without hesitation, I leaned down, unlocked the door, and scooped him up. I said nothing. I walked to my car, got in, started the engine, and drove off – with little Dean still tucked under my left arm.”

With the horrors of the past behind him, Dean is now living a life of luxury. On any given day, one might find him hanging out with his pal the dog … 

… or looking forward to a treat from this man. But Dean's favorite thing to do? Remind his humans how grateful he is to be rescued.  

And what better way to do that than to give them a big, sloppy goat kiss? 

Whether he's snuggled up to a friend of the same species … 


… or someone much larger … 

... it's clear that Dean has plenty of love for everyone! In a stroke of genius, Caitlin decided to take pictures of Dean for Instagram in his very own kissing booth.

The idea did not disappoint! In fact, everyone was so eager to get a kiss from Dean that he is slated to appear at Baltimore VegFest on Saturday, April 30. The event is being held at the campus of UMBC in Baltimore, Maryland and, in addition to Dean, will feature an assortment of live music, speakers, and vegetarian food. For more details, click here

Until then, we'll be looking at these pictures, dreaming of the day we can get our very own kiss from a baby goat!  

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