Baby Seen Moving Inside Of Unbroken Amniotic Sac

We always hear people talk about how childbirth is a miracle, but we don't often stop and think how true it is. From the nine months of pregnancy to the moment of the birth itself, it's a dramatic and emotional process unlike anything else we can ever experience. Sometimes, things can happen that will make a birth extra special. This is one of those stories. 

As this baby was being born, the doctors immediately noticed something incredible was happening. The amniotic sac, the protective membrane that holds the child inside the womb, was still intact as the child exited his mother. Even though it was incredibly rare, the doctors were not concerned because they knew the situation was not a dangerous one. In fact, the doctors were very excited to witness such an event. Because the baby was still swimming in the amniotic sac, it meant that even though the child was no longer inside his mother, he still had not been "born." 

The amniotic sac is extremely important in the development of a child because it contains all the nutrients the unborn baby needs to grow. It also protects the child from the movements and bumps of its mother. Right before birth, the amniotic sac will break open, causing the mother's "water to break." In this case, however, the water never broke and the amniotic sac remained together. The doctors simply cut the sac open and allowed the baby to take his first breath. It will certainly be a story to tell for everyone in that family. 

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H/T: The Daily Mail

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