Baby Tries On Glasses For The First Time

Apr 9, 2016

Unless you're blessed with perfect eyesight, you are more than experienced with trying on glasses. It can be a nerve-wracking experience because the glasses that you pick will not only change how you see the world, but how the world sees you. Each new pair of glasses is like an entirely new face that you are trying on, and you want to make absolutely sure that you pick the one that suits you the best. 

But what do you do if you're too little to make that choice? Most children don't get glasses until elementary school at the earliest, but that doesn't mean that toddlers and infants don't have eye problems. Some babies, like the four-month-old featured in this video, have serious vision issues that need to be treated sooner rather than later. Baby Leo has a condition called oculocutaneous albinism, a disorder that affects hair, skin, and eyes. Unfortunately, this has prevented Leo from seeing properly and left his vision blurry and cluttered. 

The good news is, doctors told Leo's parents that there was a solution. Corrective lenses for infants have become more common recently as new models have been designed that work with the unique size and shape of a baby's head. So, Leo's parents had a special pair made for him, with the hopes that it would let him see the world clearly for the first time. When it was time to try the glasses on for the first time, Leo's father decided to film it. We won't spoil what happens next, but we can guarantee that you will have a huge smile on your face the whole time. 

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H/T: David Reppond

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