Bad Repairmen Caught On Camera

We'd like to think the world is full of honest, hardworking folks who just want to get the job done fairly and correctly. While generally true, there is always that small percentage looking to get whatever they can out of the customer, even if that requires them to be dishonest. Hopefully, this video will help remind us all to be more vigilant as consumers.

Inside Edition had heard of a trend, wherein A/C repairmen were scamming local consumers with inflated rates and trumped-up problems. They set up a sting operation in a house wired with cameras, microphones, and one-way mirrors. Then, they invited some local companies to come out and give estimates on a job that should have been pretty routine.

Using their surveillance equipment and an actor posing as the owner of the home, Inside Edition managed to bust two different A/C repairmen who were trying to scam the “customer.”  Both contractors started by coming to the home for an advertised $29 A/C cleaning. After a cursory inspection, they both then attempted to charge for work they hadn't done and problems that didn't exist. In one instance, the price jumped from the agreed-upon $29 to a whopping $700!

The cameras clearly show both men just pretending to work before coming downstairs claiming to have diagnosed large problems. Even more shocking was how nonchalant both men seemed to be when it came to lying, which makes one wonder how many times they had perpetrated this same scam before. Fortunately, just as they thought they were about to seal their crooked deal, the news team burst out of hiding and confronted them. The results were pretty illuminating.

It's important to note that by no means are all contractors crooks. Far from it, in fact. We should, however, be mindful that there are a few bad apples in any line of work, and a little research can go a long way toward avoiding a scam. A faulty A/C system can cause a lot of misery, but paying an unnecessary amount of money to fix it would be even worse!

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H/T: Inside Edition

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