"Ballet Cat" Dances Like No One Is Watching

Generally speaking, cats have a reputation for being lazy and often nonchalant. Whether or not their owners are present, they enjoy spending the day basking in the sun, taking naps, and grooming themselves. If there is a toy mouse or ball of yarn, they'll likely entertain themselves by chasing them around.

At least, that's what most cats seem to enjoy doing on their downtime (which is essentially all the time). Take Garfield, for example. This beloved feline captured the hearts of his fans with his quirky personality, which mostly revolves around his love for food, sleep, and sarcasm. For Mirko the cat, however, life at home is a little different. What makes this furry feline so special, you ask? Read on and see for yourself!

This is Mirko. As you will see, he is not your average kitty.

He lives with three other cat siblings: Tide, Peach, and Leon.

Yes, all four of them are incredibly cute. But Mirko tends to take the spotlight because of his one, true passion.

You can probably guess what it is by now: dancing!

This kitty knows and performs ballet better than most of us ever will.


Such grace, such elegance!

Cats are known for being agile and graceful, but this is really something else.

It seems like Mirko is always in motion, always dancing.

On many occasions, Mirko's siblings watch with amusement as their brother sautés and pirouettes around the house.

But his energy is absolutely contagious. Just look at his brother go!

So, not only is Mirko an excellent dancer, but he is also a pretty good teacher.


Look at that flawless grand jeté. Just look at it.

Not only has he perfected the basic ballet positions, but he has also mastered many advanced ones as well.

Now, all he needs is a tutu.

You can keep up with Mirko and his siblings' adventures on their Twitter page here.

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H/T: Bored Panda | Seto Nyan Chisa

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