Banish Ants From Your Home By Using This Common Household Spice

Ants can be found in just about every hospitable corner of the globe, but nobody likes seeing them in their own homes. Spotting a single ant means that there are likely several hundred more not too far away. 

If you find your home under an onslaught of ant invaders, fear not! All you need is the cinnamon in your kitchen cabinet. Everyone knows this spice for the deliciously aromatic flavor it gives to apple pies and rice puddings, but cinnamon also has a lot of other useful benefits, too.

To use it as an ant repellant, simply sprinkle cinnamon powder (or apply slightly diluted cinnamon essential oil) to the spots you notice the ants coming in from. Ants use scent trails to navigate and communicate with each other, and the strong smell of cinnamon naturally interferes with these trails. If you're not a fan of cinnamon, you could also try this method using peppermint oil.

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H/T: GodBlessHipHop

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