Bear Exhibit At The Zoo Has An Unusual Resident

The internet has introduced us to a myriad of unusual animal friendships. Dogs cuddling with goats, giraffes nuzzling ostriches, cows playing with pigs - these animals prove time and time again that friendship has no limits. 

For California’s Folsom City Zoo, one of their long-standing animal exhibits has become extra special. The non-profit sanctuary houses over 20 species, including their newest cat, “Little Bear.” Little Bear isn’t a tiger, a lion, or a leopard, but rather a common, domesticated house cat. So, how did she get her unusual name? 

The zoo’s caretakers gave the little black cat her new moniker after she became a fixture at the zoo’s bear exhibit. The brave feline started sniffing around the pen, sneaking nibbles of the dog food the caretakers spread out for their bears every morning. After a while, the caretakers started leaving out cat food just for their new neighbor.

Most animals don’t take kindly to strangers stealing their food, but the bears don’t seem to mind sharing with Little Bear. One gentle giant, Sakoa, has taken a special liking to his new kitty companion. Visitors are shocked to find the two relaxing side-by-side in the shade together, but it’s clear there’s no bad blood between these two furry friends.

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H/T: Humankind

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