Before She Dies, Her Husband Makes One Final Request To His Wife Of 73 Years.

Helen and Joe Auer had a long, enduring marriage of 73 years. When she became ill and her time had come, Joe had just one request for her, one that she appears to have honored.

94-year-old Helen was fading away as she lay in a hospital bed. Joe’s last words to her? “Helen, call me home.” She apparently did just that, because Joe came to join her mere hours later.

Their life together was a struggle at times. After having one child and with another on the way, Helen had to say goodbye to Joe as he left to serve his country in WWII. After giving birth to their second child, Helen sent him a photo, a photo that Joe kept close to his heart before returning home three years later to reunite with his wife and kids.


They endured a lot during their years together, both good and bad. They enjoyed 10 children, 16 grandkids, 29 great-grandkids, and even a great-great-grandkid. After decades together in life, they were together again in death, and probably as happy as ever.


This photo, one of their last together, shows just how devoted they were to each other.

Credit: Cincinnati | Meyer Funeral Home

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