Behold The World's "Most Handsome Horse"

Long, black hair, perfectly toned muscles, and a fierce loyalty. Believe it or not, we aren't describing the dashing male lead of a romance novel, but rather a horse by the name of "Frederik the Great." This Friesian Stallion is no ordinary horse, though - he was recently deemed the "world's most handsome horse." Granted, there's no official "Handsome Horse Selection Committee," but internet users across the world all seem to agree that, when it comes to beautiful horses, Frederik truly lives up to his name.

Raised by Stacy Nazario of Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks, Frederik spends his days in the company of other purebred stallions like himself. Unfortunately, beautiful horses like Frederik don't come without a great deal of effort. Nazario, and the other breeders at Pinnacle, work hard to make sure that this particular breed of stallion doesn't go extinct. It's hard to image anything bad happening to a horse that looks this stoic and brave, but Frederik's breed has nearly gone extinct three different times.

Whether or not you've ever ridden a horse yourself, there's no denying that they're beautiful creatures. From the tiniest Falabella to the biggest Clydesdales, horses have been closely linked to people for many years. They're not only useful working animals, but they participate in sports, pageantry, and play a large role in many of our favorite movies. There's no better reminder of the beauty and strength exhibited by horses than Frederik. Check out the images below to find out why the internet can't get enough of this wonderful horse.

This is Frederik the Great. He's a black Friesian Stallion who's been stealing the hearts of everyone who sees him.

The internet is usually full of disagreements and arguments, but everyone seems to agree that Frederik is the "world's most handsome horse."

Here he is with his breeder, Stacy Nazario. Every stallion who lives on Pinnacle Friesians was meticulously chosen by Nazario herself.


After learning how this particular breed of stallion had reached the brink of extinction three times in the past, Nazario knew she needed to do something.

According to their website, Pinnacle Friesians takes horse breeding seriously: "With rising concerns of high inbreeding among the Friesian breed, we offer low percentage kinship, selecting only pureblood, Dutch, KFPS, FHANA registered, black homozygous Friesians for stud. Our stallions’ pedigrees speak for themselves."

And their efforts are paying off. After all, what other horses do you know with over 14,000 followers on Facebook?

His stable is always clean since his hair doubles as a mop.

The internet has not been shy when it comes to sharing their love of Frederik. One commentor waxed poetic, saying, "Frederik, you are the most beautiful horse that I have ever seen. Only God could have created such artistry. Breathtaking & magnificent."


Frederik the Great is actually named after an old Prussian ruler who was in power from 1740 to 1786.

What's a horse's favorite country? The U.S. of Neigh!

When you're as magnificent as Frederik, sometimes you've gotta show off a little bit.

Frederik is a beautiful horse, but he stands for so much more than that. This stallion, galloping forward with the wind in his mane, represents a bright future for the Friesian breed.

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