Being A Zoo Keeper In The 1950s Was Completely Insane. When You See These Photos, You'll Know Why.

If you have a pet, you probably already know that bath time can be a rather tricky maneuver, but, after seeing this next group of photos from the Life archives, scrubbing your pooch will seem like a walk in the park. Check it out.

This might look like a scene from a petting zoo, but it is just another day in the life for this animal-loving American family. 

There is no information accompanying the photos, other than that they were taken by Robert W. Kelley. 

However, the images truly speak for themselves. Here, a mom and daughter scrub down their pet llama and small lamb. 

All the animals are extremely well-behaved, especially the monkey resting on the girl’s neck. 

It must have been a huge job to keep all these animals clean. 

Just when you thought you’d seen it all – it’s time to give the kangaroo a bath. 


He’s not so sure about the water….

But this little guy is having the time of his life. 

Great or small, everyone has to endure bath time. 

Although some try to fight it. 

But, in the end, everyone gets clean. 

Except for the cats, who watch from the roof with disapproving eyes. They will take care of themselves. 

This kangaroo will do anything to avoid the vacuum. 

You can’t blame the monkey for keeping a safe distance. 


After bath time, everyone gets a treat. 

This llama is looking very fancy. 

Unlike the kangaroo, she enjoys a good brushing. 

Thanks for the bath, mom. 

Seriously, is this not the height of fashion?

Mom and dad promise, you can all come back inside once you dry off. 

What an epic bath time. To see more, view the complete story at the LIFE archives. And don’t forget to share these rare images with your animal-loving friends and family. 

Credit: LIFE Photo Archive

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