Ben And Denali: A Love Story About Man's Best Friend

Apr 10, 2016

This one's a little hard to watch but truly for the best reason possible. It's the tale of a perfect love story. A man and his dog. Ben and Denali. Told from Denali's point of view, the short film weaves a sometimes humorous, sometimes beautiful tale that will leave you a sobbing wreck by the end. At least, that's been the result with everyone here. While this is just one dog's tale, anyone who has ever had a furry canine companion will surely relate to Denali's musings on life and love.

If there's one thing that dogs teach us, it's about unconditional love. That joyful feeling that dogs can't help but give you. If there are two things that dogs teach us, the other one is about loss. The tragedy of having such a bright light in your life is that it only lasts so long, and most of us will outlive our four-legged friends.

Still, every moment we do have with them makes any pain worth it. Life is simply better with dogs. It's something every dog lover knows. It's also a scientific fact. Dog owners live longer, healthier, more stress-free lives, and kids who grow up with dogs are less likely to develop allergies and eczema! They're not just adorable, amiable buddies, they're basically also doctors on top of it all. So, what are you waiting for? Go hug your dog.

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H/T: Ben Moon

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