Best Friends Plan To Carry Their Buddy Across Europe

Mar 30, 2016

There's an old saying that goes, "No man is an island." It means that we can't go through life by ourselves; even the strongest man and the most independent woman need the support of their family and friends every once in a while. Our friends are the ones who stick with us no matter what and will always be there to lend a hand when we need it. No one knows that lesson better than Kevan Chandler. 

Kevan is a young man from Florida with a very adventurous spirit. He also suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, from which he lost the use of his limbs. Though his physical health might have faded, his love for life and exploration never did. Kevan dreamed of backpacking through Europe, but because of his disability, he never thought it was possible. But, little did he know, his friends were planning a big surprise. 

Kevan's three best friends got together and figured out a remarkable and incredibly moving way to move their friend through the European countryside. Scroll down to learn more about their incredible journey.  

This is Kevan, who lives confined to a wheelchair because of muscular atrophy. He dreamed of backpacking through Europe but knew he couldn't do it in a wheelchair - so his friends came up with a plan.

Kevan strapped himself onto the backpack of his friend, and together, they would explore the continent.


His friends Tom, Phillip, and Ben would take turns carrying him, and also film everything along the way. They plan on turning their journey into a documentary.

They also created a website, We Carry Kevan, to allow visitors to follow along with their progress.

The group plans to spend a month traveling through a wide range of countries, but Kevan is most excited to visit Kensington Gardens in London because it is home to his favorite author, Sir J.M. Barrie.


Kevan hopes his journey through Europe will be an inspiration for those who always thought their dreams were impossible.

The friends leave for Europe on June 19, and plan to hike through England, Ireland, France, and other beautiful countries. If you are interested in supporting their journey, you can visit their donation page here

H/T: LittleThings | We Carry Kevan

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