Best Friends Reunite After 22 Years Apart - But No One Was Ready For Their Reaction

When Jenny the elephant was just a calf, she had a much older friend named Shirley, another elephant in her twenties. They were both part of a circus and formed a very close bond with one another. Eventually, however, they were split up.

Nearly 22 years later, they were reunited at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and the moment they finally meet again is truly a sight to behold. Caretakers were unsure how they'd react to each other - would they even recognize one another after all this time? Even if they did, would they still feel as connected to one another as they once did?

While it did take a little bit of time for the two elephants to recognize each other, the way they react once they do would melt even the coldest heart. Once they got close enough, their eyes locked, and all the memories came flooding back! 

Sadly, Jenny passed away due to an illness just six years later, but we're just glad she got to spend the final years of her life in the company of a beloved friend.

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H/T: EVOLVE Campaigns

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