Biker Rescues A Dog He Saw Being Abused By The Side Of The Road

While out on a ride one day, biker and musician Brandon Turnbow saw something he just couldn't believe. He was cruising down Highway 171 on his bike when he saw someone beating a dog on the side of the road. That's when he did something that changed his life forever.

In a post on Facebook, Brandon explains, "I went after the guy just to give him a number one sign, and I now have a co-pilot — meet Mr. DAVIDSON.”

It was an ordinary day of cruising on his bike for Brandon Turnbow, when he came across a man beating a dog by the side of the road.

The man took off after being noticed, so Brandon pulled over to check on the dog.


He decided to adopt the lil guy and call him Mr. Davidson (as in Harley Davidson), and took him for a ride before bringing him home.

Brandon decided to keep him forever, saying, "Well, looks like my co-pilot has found peace. His belly is full and he found the pillow."

Brandon also started "BAAANG" (Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global) to spread awareness and help abused animals.


“Let's all join together to make this happen on an epic scale," says Brandon. "I know there are a lot of Bikers out there that love animals so how would you like it if we sent Bikers to collect abused animals near you?”

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H/T: Paw My Gosh | Brandon Turnbow

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