Biker Salutes Marine

Memorial Day means many things to many people. For most, it's a day off, a time for cookouts and drinks by the pool. For some, it's just a holiday they have to work. For all of us, it should be a time to remember those men and women who gave their lives in defense of our country and its freedoms. 

Since 1988, Rolling Thunder, a motorcycle ride through our nation's capital, has sought to do just that - memorialize those lost in wartime. These biker-veterans take time every Memorial Day to ride and draw attention to our fallen heroes. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

For many years now, Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers has attended every Rolling Thunder event. He has become known as "The Saluting Marine" because he stands at full attention in his dress uniform during the entire parade. That's four or more hours this Marine stands frozen in salute to honor the bikers who honor our soldiers. 

In this clip from 2012, Staff Sergeant Chambers is clearly feeling the effects of such a long time in this position. However, he in no way shows any sign of giving up on his personal mission to salute the memory of our country's dead. Then, another veteran stops her motorcycle beside him, and, in an emotional display of honor begetting honor, places a single rose in the boots before this soldier. Others follow her example and stop to offer water. These are examples of what Memorial Day is meant to be, a growing cycle of respect by those of us who enjoy the freedoms bought with the lives of our servicemen and women.

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H/T: Brenda Jorgensen

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