Biker Sees A Dog In Trouble And Springs Into Action

If there is one group of people about which almost everyone has a preconceived opinion, it’s bikers. From their tendency toward black leather outfits and the “rebel” lifestyle that is associated with motorcycles to the risk of injuries associated with riding and the imagery of biker gangs and outlaws which films and television always depicts, it’s easy to see why we could easily, if incorrectly, lump every studded leather biker dude together like so many of us do.

But if you need any convincing that many motorcycle aficionados are just big ole’ teddy bears, here’s that proof in the form of a heartwarming story about a biker named Brandon Turnbow. The young man was rolling on his 21st-Century horse, on his way to meet his father, when he witnessed something I hope no one has to see in person.

A vehicle pulled over on the side of the highway and a man got out with a small, white dog. He began beating it mercilessly and then threw the poor animal into the air, finally abandoning the dog on the side of the road. Brandon briefly attempted to chase down the driver but then turned back to the abused animal, desperately in need of help. And help he got. Brandon scooped up the dog and took him in.

What happened next? Well, like Brandon says, “I now have a co-pilot - meet Mr. Davidson.” A perfect name for a Harley-riding pooch, for sure.


If that wasn’t enough to put a smile on your face, read on.

This dog has become Brandon’s absolute right-hand man and the pair is inseparable.

If life on the open road doesn’t seem like a comfy, cozy fate for a pooch, well, prepare yourself for this shot of Mr. Davidson relaxing in Brandon’s home. We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a dog looking that relaxed and content before.

As Brandon says, “my co-pilot has finally found peace… his belly is full and he found the pillow.” Seeing as those are the two most important things in the world to a dog beside a loving, caring owner, we’re pretty sure this dog just hit the rescue trifecta.

We think he could do with a matching cowboy hat, though. Wouldn’t that make this picture just perfect?

Would you believe this pup’s rescue isn’t the end of the story, but the beginning? Brandon was moved by taking in this abandoned ball of love and decided he should try and prevent what happened to Mr. Davidson from happening to other dogs any way he could. So Brandon Turnbow founded a non-profit organization called BAAANG: Bikers Against Animal Abuse National Global. If he can make even one more dog’s life a little brighter, we’ll call his project a success.


Via: LittleThings | Brandon Turnbow

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