Bikers Found This Crate In An Empty Field. They Didn't Expect To See This Inside

Father and son duo Bret and Zach Winingar were out for a motorcycle ride in Little Rock, Arkansas. They went all the way out to the rural countryside area when they noticed something very unusual. What happened next changed their lives.

They saw a crate off to the side of the road. As they peered at it, they realized it was an animal crate.

And something inside the crate was trying to chew and claw its way out. They unlocked the crate door.

The dog came out, hunched and terrified. Its back had arched from being inside the filthy crate for so long.

They brought her some dog food. It was clear that she hadn't eaten in a long time.

They brought back their truck and took her away from the awful crate where she'd been for so long.

She started to warm up to them in the car. They nicknamed her Charlie Bravo, or CB for short.

They got her home and bathed her. She'd been covered in her own mess and she definitely needed medical attention.


At the vet's office, her nails were carefully trimmed. They'd grown all the way back into her paws.

She had her sores and other broken skin patched up. The vets weren't able to determine exactly how long she'd been confined.

Once CB's paws were cleaned, it turned out that her paws were white. They'd just been stained black from her time in the crate.

Bret and Zach weren't looking for a dog, but once they nursed CB back to health, there's no way they could part with her.

So it became CB's forever home.

She even got a new dog sibling.


And lots of play time.

CB's story went viral on Facebook and the family received thousands in donations to go toward her medical bills.

Her story raised so much money that Bret and Zach were able to donate the leftover funds to an animal shelter.

It's inspiring to see CB go from neglect and near death to being able to raise money to help other animals in need.

The family is even considering opening up their own animal rescue foundation.

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