Bikers Protect Abused Kids

Badd Bob, Blade, Hammer and Doc P are members of Bikers Against Child Abuse International, a group that aims to create safer environments for abused kids.

In the video below, the bikers talk about how they protect abused children. They explain what motorcycles, kids, and bikers have in common. Then they talk a bit about their process. BACA members will pick abused kids up from their bus stop and walk them home. They'll often stay in front of their house as a "guard" or even go to court with them. Anything to make the child feel more comfortable in their environment.

They also give every child a stuffed teddy bear that has special significance. “If they become a BACA child, part of the ceremony is that we all — all these bikers standing around — take this bear and give it a hug in order to tell the child that we’re filling it with courage and love…And that if it ever gets empty or they ever need us back again, we’ll come back and fill it up again.”

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H/T: Emotional Mojo

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