Bizzare-Yet-Brilliant Life Hacks That'll Make You Look Like A Genius

Lifehack articles are a dime a dozen now and we love them because they make life easier. Having said that, it's time to recognize that there is a second category of lifehack - one that makes life easier and one that makes life more interesting at the same time.

That's what we have for you here. Not your run of the mill, convenient (albeit dull) lifehacks, but lifehacks that are just peculiar asnd interesting enough that you'll wonder why no-one has shown you them before. Then you're going to want to tell your friends about them, we promise.

1. The Perfect Pour For Juice


It turns out we've been pouring juice wrongly for years. If you want the juice to flow without stuttering, you turn the carton up like this.

2. The Saucepan That Becomes An Iron


We appreciated that most of the time you will have an iron on-hand to sort out your shirts, but if not, a warm pan can be a great substitute. If the fabric is really delicate, put aluminum foil over the shirt before you begin.

3. The Tidiest Freezer In History


Use paper clips to seal bags of vegetables and hang them from the rack in your freezer. No more spills and a much neater freezer.

4. Keep Your PC Awake And Stop It From Locking Up


If your work PC is on a timer system which then locks you out if you don't move the mouse, you can beat it by placing the mouse's sensor over a ticking watch.

5. The Instant Avocado Ripener


Take one beer holder and add a single unripe avocado. Wait one day. When you come back the avocado will be 100% ripe. Millenials should love this.


6. Creative Use Of A Contact Lens Case


Contact lens cases often come free with every bottle of lens solution you buy, but what do you do with the spare ones? Turn them into travel kits for makeup, as seen here.

7. Put An End To Gas Station Pump Ads


This isn't a thing everywhere, but if it is a thing in your neighborhood, then you'll know how annoying these ads are. You can silence them by pushing the highlighted button here.

8. Super Smiles On Demand


You need to squint if you want your smiles to be convincing. Without the wrinkles in your eyes, people tend to see a smile as less authentic.

9. Save Your Flip Flops


When the hole in your flip flops starts to threaten to become so big that the straps will pop through, use a bread clip to prevent that from happening.

10. The Makeshift Cooling Rack


You don't need to buy an expensive cooling rack to let your culinary creations rest on. Just take the stove grate off and use that instead.

11. The Secret Stash


This is jolly clever. All you need to do is use a few ring binders to create this secret stash for your bookcase. We'd just like to note that if you want to hide alcohol behind it, you might have a problem.


12. The Rocking Battery Test


Stand a battery on end and delicately nudge it. If it falls over, it's likely to have much less charge than if it stands up.

13. Gatorade Plugs 4 Gallon Jugs


Gallon jugs are really handy, but they're no use without a cap. You can replace the caps easily enough -- use a Gatorade cap for it.

14. Ice Packs Which Don't Melt

Life Unfluffed

Ice packs which turn into a slushy mess are a pet peeve of ours. Make your own by freezing a wet sponge. When the ice melts, it is reabsorbed by the sponge. Win.

15. Find A Puncture In A Heartbeat


If you need to locate a puncture to patch it, the easiest way to do it is to cover your tire in soapy water. The air blowing out will create bubbles! 

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