Blind Cow Gets A Second Chance At Friendship

Every once in a while, we meet a special friend who changes our lives forever. For Baby, a blind cow living at an animal sanctuary in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, that special friend was Lulu. Lulu was a pig who didn't grow up like all the others - she was injured at a young age, but managed to survive thanks to the helping hands at Don't Forget Us Pet Us (DFUPU) animal sanctuary. That's where she met Baby, and the two of them became fast friends.

DFUPU encourages friendships across species, and they had been searching for a seeing-eye animal for Baby for a while, but it wasn't until she met Lulu that she felt a true connection. Baby and Lulu took care of each other for eight wonderful years until Lulu passed away. No one was quite sure if Baby could handle the grief of losing her companion, so they knew they needed to find a new companion for her as soon as possible.

Luckily, that new companion was a lot closer than anyone could have ever imagined. A tiny runaway calf, with as much personality as Baby and Lulu combined, was headed their way. Scroll down to learn what happened with Baby and her new best friend.

Meet Lulu. When she was a little piglet, her mom accidentally crushed two of her legs by laying on her the wrong way.

Thanks to the kind people at DFUPU, however, Lulu was able to make a full recovery.

The animals who end up at DFUPU come from all walks of life. It doesn't matter whether you grew up domestic or on a farm - this animal shelter will accept you with open arms.

A pig with as hard of an upbringing as Lulu might not sound like the ideal candidate for a seeing-eye animal, but Lulu and Baby took to each other immediately.


"I had tried to pair her [Baby] up with other animals, and it just didn’t work," said DFUPU owner Deb Devlin in an interview with The Dodo.

"I didn’t think the pig would be aggressive to the cow, and the pig was plenty sturdy. If the cow accidentally bumped into her, she would be OK."

For eight years, these two were thick as thieves. Unlike the other animals, Baby and Lulu were never allowed to leave the shelter and interact with the community. Baby's blindness made traveling difficult, and Lulu was still a little too wild.

As the years went by, Lulu's health deteriorated and she eventually passed away.

In an interview with LittleThings, Devlin said that "After Lulu’s passing, Baby mooed for two days. She also walked in circles frantically. She was unable to walk straight or she would hit fencing. I tried a sheep, a goat, but nothing worked at all."

Things seemed like they were only going to get worse for Baby. She was all alone and in desperate need of assistance from a fellow animal. That's when a little calf changed Baby's life forever. 

DFUPU was in the process of purchasing a calf that was supposed to be used for meat on a nearby farm. The calf had already escaped once before, along with two other calves, and lived loose in the wild for weeks before she was captured and returned to her farm. Unfortunately, the other two didn't survive life in the wild, so this calf escaped a second time, most likely to track down her fallen friends.


After she was recaptured for the second time, DFUPU finished the rescue process and welcomed her into their shelter. They had a feeling that she was going to be a good match for Baby, but they didn't want to rush things. They set up a gate in between them so that Baby could get used to her sounds and smells first. What happened next was nothing short of incredible ...

"When the calf unloaded into her small pen, she was nervous and timid. She quickly saw Baby and she blasted that gate off its hinges … it was still secured on one side by a chain so she jumped the four-foot width of the gate and ran to Baby’s side."

"The bond was immediate, the love instant and even though Baby has never had a baby … she takes care of, protects and nurtures this little calf … all the things Lulu did for her. It is so incredible!"

This little calf was just the companion that Baby needed. She somehow sensed the grief and longing inside of Baby and came to her rescue just in the nick of time. Now, they never leave each other's side. From the looks of things, Baby couldn't be happier.

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H/T: LittleThings | Don't Forget Us Pet Us

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