Boy Gets A Special Surprise After Being Bullied About His Shoes

Have you ever done something kind for a complete stranger? It's something not a lot of people think to do, but just a single kind gesture can completely change a person's life. For example, these employees took the time to stop and talk to a woman at a drive-thru during a time when she needed it the most. There are countless examples of these moments, and all of them are extremely powerful in their own way. 

11-year-old Richard knows just how meaningful the kindness of strangers can be. He was playing basketball with other kids in the neighborhood when they began to bully him. The kids made fun of him because his shoes were old and coming apart at the seams. Richard needed to wear hand-me-down sneakers because his family couldn't afford new ones, and he was made to feel very embarrassed about it. But little did he know, there was somebody else watching this all take place. 

13-year-old Shaylynn was watching the boys play basketball from inside her house and heard all of the mean comments that were being made. After the game, she noticed Richard walking alone with his head hung low, and decided to do something to cheer him up. Shaylynn walked up and presented him with a brand new pair of Nike sneakers, worth over $200! The best part? The whole incident was recorded on video. Shaylynn's act of kindness has spread throughout the world, but most importantly, they've changed the life of one young boy. 

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H/T: Jacquelyn Workman

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