Brave Bus Driver Thwarts Potential School Shooting

North Carolina school bus driver Alice Bradley never expected she would end up a hero. Everything seemed normal as she prepared to pick up her students for the day ahead. However, things quickly took an ugly turn when she came across a suspicious-looking couple standing in the parking lot. Without warning, the male started pointing a gun at Alice and threatened to shoot. Instead of succumbing to her fear, Alice drove the school bus toward the gunman and scared him away, along with his partner in crime. The police eventually caught up with the couple, and that's when the reality of the situation set in.

Officers discovered that the couple was planning on carrying out a school shooting, targeting teachers and students. They even claimed that it was God’s will for them to perform this act. Not only did Alice save herself from harm by driving towards the gunman, but she also saved the lives of countless people who would’ve been on the school’s campus on that fateful day. Everyone in her community commended her bravery in the situation and recognized her as a hero for stopping the couple.

In an interview with WLOS, she said “I was real nervous. I always thought I’ve been a tough woman, but this really scared me. It did.” Indeed, it’s hard to imagine what anyone would’ve done in that situation, but Alice did the right thing. Stories like hers make us realize the importance of being brave in the face of potential danger. You never know whose life you could be saving.

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H/T: WLOS News 13

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