Brave Teens Rescue Near Dead Woman

Nathaniel and Aiden were fresh out of graduating high school and out for a jog along a bike path. There, they came upon a grisly sight. A 23-year-old woman was being attacked by a man in broad daylight. She'd been stabbed and sliced as she tried to fight him off.

The teenagers couldn't believe what they were seeing, but they snapped out of it when the man put the knife to the woman's neck. The two boys made a split second decision. Neither Nathaniel nor Aiden were armed, nor did they have any training in self-defense. Bravely, they charged the man as he attempted to leave. Aiden stayed with the woman and called the police while Nathaniel chased her attacker.

An hour later, the man was in police custody and the woman was in the hospital. Her injuries were serious, but miraculously, she survived. If Nathaniel and Aiden had not jumped into action, she likely would be dead. Wait until you see their reactions when they're called heroes. These two are amazing.

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H/T: LittleThings | TyneRoseMedia

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