Bride Surprises Everyone By Singing Down The Aisle

Weddings have been around forever, and are one of the most traditional ceremonies celebrated by cultures everywhere. That being said, just because weddings are traditional doesn't mean that brides and grooms have to do everything by the book. There are plenty of ways to personalize and customize your wedding, and lots of fun things you can do to add your own spin to your memories of that day.

One wedding, however, became a viral sensation because of the bride's stunning surprise. Unbeknownst to everyone there, bride Maria Holand Tøsse snuck in a microphone so she could walk down the aisle at Norway's gorgeous Ålesund Church while singing "You Raise Me Up." 

Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of singing brides out there, but Maria's vocals are simply stunning. She's joined by her father and a group of backup singers, as well as several live instruments. It took a professional company of six HD cameras and 14 microphones to pull off this spectacular surprise.

Clearly, Maria's departure from the norm worked like a charm and all her planning and hard work really paid off. Watch the video below for more.

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H/T: Pettersen Medieproduksjon

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