Brilliant Car Cleaning Hacks Your Local Car Cleaners Never Wanted You To Know

Owning a car is a privilege and most of us realize that to keep our investment intact, we need to keep our car clean and looking great.

The trouble is that valet services are extremely expensive for what they are and it can be hard to find the budget for it every week.

So, we thought we'd help you out. We've put together some awesome tips for cleaning your car just like a valet service but without breaking the bank.

Check out our car cleaning hacks that your valet service definitely doesn't want you to know about.

1. Change Your Air Filters Often


Dirty air filters make your car smell unpleasant. Replace them on a six-month schedule and your car will smell nice and you'll reduce the allergens present in the air.

2. Get Rid Of Persistent Odors With Charcoal


If you find that there's a bad smell that simply won't go away in the car, place a few pieces of charcoal under the seats. The charcoal will absorb the odor.

3. Leave Leather Seats Looking Great


A mix of equal parts vinegar and linseed oil is perfect for cleaning leather seats with. Regularly wipe them down with it and you'll reduce the chances of cracking and scuffing.


4. Eliminate Pet Hair With A Squeegee

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Getting pet hair off car seats can be a difficult job, but you can take a shortcut by covering seats in a very light coating of water and then you run over them with a rubber squeegee to collect the hair.

5. Clean All Of The Windows


Most people don't clean the whole of the car window; to do so, you need to roll it down a little during cleaning. You won't believe how much better this looks.

6. Remove Stickers And Decals Using A Razor Blade

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Gently rubbing with a razor blade will get rid of stickers and decals in no time. You may also find that this is a good way to shift a baked-on stain.

7. Stop Hairline Cracks From Spreading With Nail Polish


If you find a hairline crack in your paintwork or in your windows, cover it liberally with clear nail polish -- it will stop the crack from getting bigger.

8. Remove Rust With Coca-Cola


This probably doesn't say good things about what Coca-Cola does to our insides, but it's really good at removing rust stains from your car.

9. Soak Up Spills By Using A Clean Diaper


If you spill something in the car, the best way to mop it up without staining is to use a clean diaper. Diapers are really absorbent.


10. Clean Windows With White Wine Vinegar

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This is cheaper than buying bottles of window spray, and you'll find that the vinegar makes your windows perfectly streak-free, too. Wipe it off with newspaper after spraying it on.

11. Get Rid Of Dead Bugs With Wet Dryer Sheets

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We're not sure why dead bugs get so sticky, but they can be difficult to wash off with soap and water, so dampen a dryer sheet and scrub with that instead.

12. Clean Wiper Blades With Rubbing Alcohol


Windshield wipers should be cleaned regularly, or they can become ineffective. The easiest way to clean them is to use rubbing alcohol on cotton wool to wipe the blade.

13. Shine Up Your Tires With Bleach

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You won't believe it, but a light solution of bleach and detergent can really make your tires shine again. It's way cheaper than a specialist tire cleaning product.

14. Use Kerosene Rather Than Wax For A Glossy Finish


Kerosene is cheap and easy to apply and it brings up a very glossy finish on your car. Mix it with water, apply as a polish and then wipe dry.

15. Clean Hard To Reach Small Spaces With A Toothbrush

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There are parts of your car that are hard to reach with fingers and a rag - so use a toothbrush to reach them instead. 

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