Brilliant Duct Tape Hacks That Just About Everyone Can Use

Ask any electrician or plumber what the most versatile tool in their kit bag is and you'll find it's duct tape. Yes, while most of us assume that duct tape is simply sticky tape that you can't see through, in fact, it's much more amazing than that.

It's incredibly strong and can be turned to almost any task. Just how many tasks? A lot. In fact, that's why you're here today - so we can show you just a small handful of the awesome things that can be done using duct tape and a few other household items. Come check it out.

1. Sort Out Car Seating Easily


If you run a family car then you'll find that this tip is really handy for getting your seat back into position quickly. Mark where you like the seat to be on the seat edge in duct tape.

2. Make A Duct Tape Canoe


You need to make a wooden canoe frame for this, but once you've done that you can use duct tape to cover the frame and yes, it really floats.

3. Get Rid Of Pet Hair From Furniture

Todd Ander

Duct tape is a great way to get rid of pet hair on furniture. Just wrap it around (sticky side out) a wallpaper roller or something similar.

4. Create A Cheap Sled For Snow Times

Artzy Creations

If it's snowing outside, you can make your kids a sled by fashioning one out of cardboard and then covering it in duct tape.

5. Duct Tape Fashion Statement


You can even make shoes out of duct tape. Use an existing shoe to model a cardboard base on and then cover that base in duct tape as you can see here. They are surprisingly comfy.


6. Build A Quick Clothesline

Popular Mechanics

If you need a clothesline but don't have access to one then you can always roll duct tape over itself to form a line and then use duct tape to stick it to a wall or balcony strut.

7. Make A Hammock


You need some rope to support it and two lengths of rod to form the end sections and then you need an awful lot of duct tape and you have a hammock.

8. Get People Out In An Emergency


You need two poles for this, but nothing else -- the rest of this stretcher is nothing but duct tape. It will comfortably hold an average sized adult.

9. Temporary Assistance In An Emergency


This is NOT a long-term solution to a broken arm, but if you need a sling and have no other materials handy, you can use duct tape as a temporary fix until you can find a better one.

10. Make A Mannequin

Craft Ideas

If you want to make dresses but can't afford a mannequin, you can make one out of duct tape which is based on your own body!

11. Quick Fix A Punctured Tire

Four Wheeler

Got no spare? Then quickly patch up your tire with duct tape and use it to get you to a garage where you can get it replaced.


12. Rid Yourself Of Warts


First, you apply salicylic acid to the wart (don't skip this step). Then cover it for 6 days with duct tape. Then remove the tape. Then wash thoroughly. It will be gone.

13. Decorate Your T-Shirts With It!


We don't mean stick duct tape to your t-shirts as a fashion statement. We do mean use it to make stencils and then spray designs onto your shirts as pictured here.

14. Make Your Shoes Safer


Duct tape is great for adding grip to shoes that don't have any. If you find yourself sliding around just add duct tape to the base of your shoes, like this.

15. Open Jars With Duct Tape


Wrap duct tape around the outside of the lid and then fold some over and stick it down on the top. Then, just pull the duct tape to open the jar. 

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