Brilliant Lie Hacks That You've Probably Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

It's OK, nobody's in trouble here. These are things that we have all been doing wrong all of our lives but the only people we've been hurting with our actions are ourselves. 

You see, there are a bunch of everyday items that can be put to better use if only people had just explained how to us. We think they should teach this stuff in school, but as they don't, we'd like to share our knowledge with you.

So without further ado, let's take a look at how much easier life is when you know something that others don't.

1. No More Squashed Sandwiches

Life Hacker

The trick to cutting bread without squishing it is simply to turn the bread over and cut it through from the bottom to the top.

2. The Perfect Oreo Dunking


You can never dunk an Oreo without missing some or getting milk on your fingers; that is, until you slide a fork into the filling, then you can dunk it all the way with no mess.

3. The Caribbean Solution To Queuing


This is brilliant and should be implemented everywhere in the world at once. Don't stand in line, leave your shoes in your place and then go sit down.

4. Remove Lint With A Razor Blade

One Good Thing By Jillee

Oddly, shaving the lint from your old clothes and worn materials is much more effective than using a lint roller and most of us buy razors anyway, so you might as well get full use of them.


5. Soda Cans Are Designed For Straws


Drinking soda through a straw can help protect your teeth, but if you want to stop the straw from popping out of the can, you want to use the ring pull like this.

6. The Hidden Benefit Of Grocery Cart Design

Twenty Two Words

The loops that appear at the back edges of a grocery cart aren't decorative, they're practical and they allow you to hang extra groceries in a packed cart.

7. The Easy Way To Peel A Banana


The best way to open a banana is to pinch the end without a stem and then watch it open easily. Pulling the stem, on the other hand, is hard and often breaks the fruit.

8. Covering All Of A Sandwich


A sandwich should have flavor in every bite and not be a lump of dry bread. This is how you can make sure of it.

9. Keeping Aluminum Foil In The Box


The "Press Here to Lock Roll" tab must be the biggest secret in the world. We'd never noticed it until recently, but it is really useful.

10. The Ever-Ready Dry Erase Board


Your bathroom mirror and indeed, any other mirror, is a dry-erase board in disguise. This can come in really handy when you want to plan something but don't have somewhere to write.


11. There's A Right Kind Of Plunger

Women You Should Know

The plunger on the left is designed for toilets (it's a flange plunger) and the one on the right is for sinks (a cup plunger). Get them the wrong way 'round and they don't work very well.

12. Fast Cool A Beverage Easily


If you need to quickly cool a bottled beverage, then pop it in the fridge with a wet paper towel wrapped around it. Just 15 minutes later it will be icy cold.

13. Stop Cables From Driving You Mad


When you are vacuuming or moving a cable around on an extension, they often separate when moved. The cunning knot trick stops that from happening.

14. There Is A Better Way To Erase Words


Crossing out is a bad way to erase words, since you can still seem them. But if you write over the words with other words, they are much harder to distinguish.

15. In-Ear Headphones That Stay In Your Ears

Life Hacker

Putting the cord over the ear when using headphones makes it easier to keep them in your ears when moving around. 

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