Brilliant Life Hacks That You'll Really Wish You'd Known Sooner

Let's face it. Life is hard. Even navigating through the pitfalls of your average daily life can prove to be a challenge sometimes.

So, we're here to make things a little bit easier for you.

Life hacks are often no-brainers -- the kinds of obvious things that have you asking yourself, "Hey, why didn't I think of that?" -- but some can be complete lifesavers. After all, who needs to spend hours trying to deal with something that could be rectified in a matter of minutes? Beyond that, the majority of these hacks won't cost you any money, so it is a win all the way around. 

Some of these cool hacks might surprise you and others might very well change your life.

1. Use An Egg Carton To Cool Off Your Computer


Although laptops are made to sit on your lap, they can often overheat. If you hear the fan on your computer working overtime, set it up on an egg carton to help it cool off.

2. Use Your Gas Cap While Pumping Gas


By placing your gas cap between the lever of the gas pump, you can save yourself from having to stand next to your car and physically pump gas.

3. Don't Waste Anymore Soap


When your current bar of soap gets super low, simply leave it on top of a new bar and the two will mesh. Voila! No wasted soap.


4. Use A Coat Hanger With Clips To Hold A Paper While Typing


Try clipping one side of a hanger to your computer and the other to the paper that you're reading off of for a hack that makes life so much easier.

5. Use Your Car's Headrests To Hold A Cell Phone


No need to spend money having televisions installed in your car. Simply lift the headrest, place a phone behind the bars, and lower it down to secure the phone in place.

6. Use Dish Soap & Water To Find The Hole In Your Tire


"Fill your tire full of air, take off your tire, and get some dish soap and water. Bubbles will develop wherever there is a leak," explains Reddit user markmyw0rds.

7. Use Pool Noodles To Keep Your Boots Upright


The best way to store your fall and winter boots is to cut a pool noodle into fourths and insert a piece into each one.

8. Stripped Screw? There's A Hack For That


Place a rubber band over a stripped screw before trying to remove it with a screwdriver and it will come out with relative ease. Pretty simple, right?

9. Stop Watering Down Your Wine


Remember that whole "life is hard" thing? Use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes to keep your wine chilled after a long day. Problem solved.


10. Afraid Your Toilet Is Going To Overflow?

Experience Plumbing

You actually don't have to call a plumber if you're toilet seems like it's going to overflow. Simply turn the valve that is connected to the wall to shut the water off.

11. Diapers Aren't Just For Babies

The Daily Ocean

If you bring your valuables to the beach and are afraid of someone stealing them while you go for a stroll, simply wrap them in a clean diaper. No one else knows it's clean and won't go near it!

12. Moving? Put Your Clothes In Trash Bags


If you're moving, simply put your clothes in trash bags and leave them on the hangers. It will protect them from getting dirty and it will be super easy to hang them back up when they arrive at your new abode.

13. Use A Hair Clip To Rally Wires


Do you have all kinds of cords plugged in next to your bed or your couch? Using a hair clip to keep them all together is pretty brilliant.

14. Stop Fighting With The Tape

Home Dzine

Tape is sticky, that's no secret. In order to stop spending countless minutes trying to find the edge and tear it free, place a paperclip along the edge.

15. Trash Bag Keep Falling In The Trash Can?


Use a plastic stick-on hook upside down on the side of your trash can and loop the bag on it to keep it from falling in.

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