Brilliant Uses For Witch Hazel

Every household will have the basics in its medicine cabinet. Things like bandages, medicine, and hydrogen peroxide are staples that should always be handy. As we continuously move away from harsh chemicals and increasingly embrace natural products. Not only are things like coconut oil and essential oils better for you, they can usually be used in a lot more applications that harsh, single-purpose chemical cleaners.

Another natural product that should definitely be added to your collection is witch hazel extract. This cost-effective liquid is surprisingly versatile and effective - from relieving itches to treating cuts and scrapes, it gets the job done. 

What Is Witch Hazel?


Witch hazel is a shrub that sprouts fragrant yellow flowers.

When you purchase "witch hazel" from the pharmacy, you are getting its extract, which derives from the plant's bark and leaves. This potent extract is loaded with tannins, and its astringent properties aid in the tightening of the skin. It's an effective, natural remedy that can benefit more than just the skin, however. Read on to find out why this powerful extract should be a staple in your home.

1. Dandruff

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Dandruff is an unpleasant condition that results in itching and flaking of the scalp. It can also be pretty humiliating in public.

For those with oily hair, witch hazel can be an effective method of removing skin flakes and oil from the hair before washing. On the other hand, those with dry, brittle hair should avoid this approach, as witch hazel can exacerbate the dryness.


2. Removing Makeup


Despite seeing television show characters waking up with perfect, flawless makeup, we all know that it's important to remove all makeup and go to bed with a clean face in real life. Some makeup products can be quite stubborn, however.

It's great when you're out on the town and need your makeup to stay in place, but it can be frustrating to remove it all when you get home. Witch hazel's astringent qualities can help break down stubborn makeup so that you can go to bed with a fresh, clean face.

3. Itchy Spots

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Painfully itchy conditions, like chickenpox and eczema, need to be approached with utmost caution and care, as constant scratching can lead to bleeding and even scars.

Thankfully, you can seek relief by applying a concoction that is comprised of witch hazel and aloe. Simply mix the two ingredients together and apply it to the affected areas to alleviate the itching. This mixture works wonders with bug bites, and can even be applied beforehand to avoid getting bitten at all.

4. Cleaning Glasses

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The lenses of your glasses will regularly get dirty. Sometimes, they'll have smudges or your greasy fingerprints on them. Other times, there may be specks of residue from when it protected your face from food splatters while you ate.

Whatever it may be, glasses require a good wipe every now and then. If the microfiber cloth or the soap and water methods just aren't cutting it, try a spritz of witch hazel.

5. Cuts And Scrapes

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Whenever you get a scraped knee or a scratch on the skin, hydrogen peroxide is usually the go-to disinfectant in the medicine cabinet. Witch hazel is a great alternative, and can be used along with other antiseptics to assuage the pain and restrict the bleeding.


6. Tarnished Jewelry

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Witch hazel is a great way to restore tarnished pieces of jewelry and have them looking like new. It's important to keep in mind that while it works well with solid silver or bronze jewelry, witch hazel should be avoided when cleaning plated trinkets or anything with soft stones, such as opal.

7. Puffy Eyes


There are many things that can cause puffy eyes: sleep deprivation, allergies, a crying episode. Witch hazel causes the skin to contract, reducing swelling around the eyes so you can avoid hiding behind sunglasses all day.

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