Brilliant Ways That Adults Can Use Common Baby Products

Raising babies is an expensive business, but there is a way to make life cheaper when you have a child.

Have you ever looked at baby food and wondered for a few moments what it would taste like before going right ahead and tasting it? We have. It's not bad, is it?

You don't have to stop with sharing baby food with your baby. In fact, many baby products are highly effective for adult needs and they are often much cheaper than the alternatives which are marketed at adults.

Here are some amazing ways to use baby products as an adult to get more for less.

1. Get Your Mascara Off With Baby Oil

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Waterproof mascara won't break down in water, but will break down in oil. A small bottle of Baby Oil is the perfect mascara remover. Use a cotton swab to apply.

2. Ward Off Mosquito Bites


You can use zinc oxide (commonly found in Boudreaux's Butt Paste) to relieve both mosquito bites and sunburn. Just rub it onto your skin.

3. Diaper Cream Is A Great Mositurizer

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Don't pay hundreds of dollars for posh moisturizing creams. Do use diaper cream, which is one of the best moisturizers known to mankind (and it's cheap).

4. You Can Use Baby Shampoo Because It's Gentle

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If you get irritated eyes or eyelids when showering, or if you have a dog or cat that you want to bathe, use baby shampoo. It's mild and won't irritate you or your pets.


5. Nipple Cream Is Not Just For Nipples


New mothers know how important nipple cream can be, but it also works a treat anywhere on the body that you have some dry skin.

6. Baby Wipes Are Perfect For Makeup Removal

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If you don't know this trick, you should. Baby wipes will get rid of most makeup with one quick wipe, which makes for an easy end to the day. You can also shine your shoes with them.

7. Gripe Water Can Help Your Troubled Stomach


Colicky babies are fed gripe water, but it works just as well on nauseous adults. The ginger and fennel in the mixture are very soothing for stomachs at any age.

8. Make An Awesome Ice Pack From A Diaper

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Want a long-lasting and highly-effective ice pack? Take one diaper and pour a single cup of isopropyl alcohol into it. Then soak it through with water (really as much water as you can) and freeze. The alcohol keeps the water from actually freezing solid and thus leaves it pliable.

9. Clean Delicate Fabrics In Baby Detergents

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If you need a delicate detergent for a delicate fabric, then you can grab a bottle of baby detergent and use that. Cashmere has never been so clean.

10. You Can Use Baby Powder For Many Things


Baby powder can be used as a deodorant, it can work as a dry shampoo, and you can dust your feet with it to stop them from smelling. It's incredible stuff.

11. Shine Your Stainless Steel With Baby Oil

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Baby Oil is awesome stuff -- not only does it help with baby, but it can also be used to polish stainless steel so that it comes up bright and shiny.


12. Rapid Hydration With Pedialyte


Need electrolytes fast? Think about using Pedialyte -- the stuff they use for rehydrating sick kids. It's full of electrolytes and has much less sugar than sports drinks do.

13. Banish Deodorant Stains With Baby Wipes


This is quite amazing. Take a baby wipe and have at that white residue in your dark shirts or blouses and watch it disappear. It's brilliant.

14. Switch To Baby Detergent If You Have Sensitive Skin


When they make soaps for babies, they make them gentle. If you find your laundry detergent is playing havoc with your skin, switch out for a baby detergent instead.

15. Clean The Cat With Baby Wipes


If you need to clean up your cat in a hurry, then there's no better tool for the job than baby wipes. They aren't wet enough to annoy your cat, so it will stand still and let you clean without fuss.

16. Baby Sunscreen Works Fine Too


Baby sunscreen is pretty much exactly the same as adult sunscreen. That means there's no need to buy two bottles of sunscreen; just use your baby's when you need it.

It's amazing just how useful some baby products can be as an adult. We can't wait to put some of these tips to good use.

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