Bruce Springsteen Dances With His Mom In Front Of Thousands Of People

Back in 2013, Springsteen and his band were playing a show in Olympic Park in London. They started playing their hit song "Dancing in the Dark," a song that Springsteen is known for bringing a fan onto stage to dance. This time, it was an extra special fan ... his mom. 

The band continued to play as Springsteen exited the stage to search for his mother, Adele. At 4:05 into the video you can see the crowd's amazing reaction to Bruce dancing with his mother. This man is adorable and it's obvious why Adele is so proud of him. The two dance like no one's watching, which couldn't be further from the truth.

To this day, Bruce still brings his mom on stage for a dance party. We'll see if Bruce's moves are as good as his mom's when HE'S 90.

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H/T: TheTiesThatBind | LittleThings

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