Bruce Springsteen Sees His Mom Standing Backstage And Brings Her Out For A Dance

Not many artists have inspired more passion and fan adoration than Bruce Springsteen. For decades, "The Boss" has enthralled audiences with his fun rock anthems and emotional ballads. His lyrics are profoundly American, which has made Springsteen a hero among working class citizens. If you've ever been to one of his concerts, you know that they're not just shows, but three-hour parties that leave you with a memory that will last a lifetime.

 In 2013, Springsteen was in the midst of a giant concert in London. One of his traditions is that whenever he plays his smash hit "Dancing in the Dark," he invites someone from the crowd to dance with him on stage. On this day, though, he had a very special person in mind to dance with him. Standing just offstage was Bruce's mom Adele, who was 89 years old. So when he began to play the song, he invited his mom on stage to share a dance with him. 

When the audience realized who the special lady was, they erupted into cheers and were ecstatic to share in this special moment with Bruce and his mom. Even today, Bruce is known to bring his mom on stage and if you are lucky enough to be there, you know how awesome it is to see them together. It's the best Mother's Day present anyone could give. 

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H/T: TheTiesThatBind

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