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While the Jazz Bass has its own funkadelic sound, it was introduced in the early 1960s and made a huge impact in the development of funk, disco, blues and reggae. The difference is all in the body of the instrument. It has a slightly different, less symmetrical shape (called the "offset waist contour") and it's narrower in some areas than most. 

When Imgur user Xoarar set out to build his own Jazzmaster Bass, he took photos along every step of the way, starting with the laser-cut template from MDF.

Next, he traced the lines of the template with jigsaw.

A router bit traced the template to remove any excess.

The cavities that would need to be excavated were marked out, as well as where the neck pocket would go.

A plainer carves out the belly contour, a rasp and some files.

The neck pocket is now routed into shape with its edges rounded using a radius router bit.


And routed for the cavities for the electronics, controls and pickups.

Now for sanding, sanding and more sanding.

He used stain instead of paint to preserve the wood grain.

A pre-radiussed and slotted fretboard are introduced for neck materials.

And the hardware-- Schaller bridge and tuning pages and Seymour Duncan SJB-3 pickups.

Here is the very rough truss rod canal.

Now with the truss rod installed, the fretboard is guled and trimmed.


You can see the diagram in the background for the electronic soldering.

Checking the fit.

Here are the frets and fret dots installed.

The back of the neck is now radiussed with a belt sander, rasp and files. And, yet again, more sanding.

Loving this Motown record pick guard.

Here is the whole thing in rough assembly.

And the final finished piece with a leather strap and a name: "The Trooper".

Credit: Imgur 

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