Bulldog Sees An Elephant On TV And Proceeds To Do A Hilarious Imitation

One of the funniest parts of the animal kingdom that we've observed here at Wimp is when one animal acts like it's a totally different one. Most often, we see cats that are adopted by a family with dogs, and the cat grows us with all the mannerism of a puppy. In the video below, however, we see a bulldog who decides he wants to try his hand at being an elephant!

Fred the bulldog is watching TV one day when he sees a commercial for paper towels that show an elephant making a clear, loud trumpeting sound. Something about it must have struck a chord deep within Fred's soul because he opens his mouth and bellows out a little elephant call of his own.

Maybe Fred was an elephant in another life, because he's actually surprisingly good at roaring like an elephant! He also makes a few other odd noises towards the end of the clip that some have described as being like "a rusty door." Is Fred trying to start a career as an impressionist?

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