Burn Coffee Grounds In Your Yard To Get Rid Of Bugs

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Mosquitos are, without a doubt, the worst. You can pretty much count on them to turn any and every outdoor event into a nightmare. Suddenly, a day/night of sitting on the deck having a cookout with your family becomes a mess of people just swatting, slapping, and scratching all over. Besides, they also carry a whole lot of really terrible diseases like West Nile virus, malaria, and Zika virus.

Now, you can certainly go out and buy all kinds of bug sprays and whatnot, but not only do commercially-available repellants often have harsh chemicals that can cause adverse health effects, they're also not exactly cheap, and definitely add up over time.

An easier solution? Coffee grounds! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, coffee grounds make a very effective, natural insect repellant that banishes all types of bugs - including mosquitos. This works because the strong smell of burning coffee messes up the insect's ability to hunt/navigate using scent trails.

How Do You Use Them?

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Couldn't be easier! Just take your coffee grounds and put them into a bowl. Cover with tin foil and leave in a cool, dark place to let the grounds dry. Once dried, put the grounds in a bowl, plate, or on a sheet of foil and burn them the same way as you would any other incense.

If you're still finding you're having a lot of trouble with mosquitos, try adding some dried bay leaves to burn as well. Not only will this boost the bug-fighting effects of the coffee, but burning bay leaves has also been shown to have a soothing, meditative effect on humans.

If you're at a gathering, be sure to place the bowl in a central location. On windy days, or at particularly large venues, you'll likely need to place several of these around the area for good coverage. To learn more, check out the video below.

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