Burn Victim Proudly Displays Her Scars At Prom

Around the country, one of the most important moments of every teenager's life is prom. For Kilee Brookbank, however, it was more than that. She never thought she'd even go to prom, let alone go all-out with a sparkling, sleeveless dress. 

Two years ago, Kilee was at home relaxing and had no idea that there was a massive gas leak in her home. She made the fateful decision to light a candle, which set off a fireball that burned 45 percent of her body. Kilee spent 38 days in the hospital, struggling for her very life when she first arrived. After multiple surgeries, she would live, but her arms, legs, and back were covered in scars. While they initially made her feel pretty self-conscious, she decided she wasn't going to let her scars dictate how she lived her life.

That's why her decision to wear a sleeveless dress to prom is such an inspiring example of bravery in the face of adversity. Anyone would have understood if she'd elected not to go, but she walked in with her head held high and ended up being voted prom queen! Standing by her side through it all was her boyfriend Dylan, who sincerely believes she's the prettiest girl he's ever seen.

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H/T: Inside Edition

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