By Drawing Simple Cartoons, One Man Has Turned His Monotonous Morning Commute Into Something Fun.

Humorist, artist and self-proclaimed "drawer of heads" October Jones is more well-known for his hilariously funny book, Texts From Dog. But he's also been keeping himself (and his 94 thousand Twitter followers) entertained throughout his commute by adding cartoon heads to sleepy passengers trapped in the monotony of their commute. 

Mickey hates it when you read over his shoulder.

You found Waldo.

May I have you for dinner?

Who you lookin' at?


Portrait of Monopoly as a young man.

Hellboy chills out with Netflix.

Sideshow Bob on his way to the geekery.

Kermit found the rainbow connection in his crossword.

Someone's not beary happy about the train delay.


Same bat time, same bat bridge and tunnel.

You wouldn't like him when he's got 10% battery.

Just your friendly neighborhood commuter.

Credit: October Jones

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