Cab Driver Lets "Harvey The Hurricane Hawk" Ride Out The Storm In His House

A cab driver in Houston is going viral for taking in a hawk that wouldn't leave his side for the duration of Hurricane Harvey. 

William Bruso was loading up on supplies ahead of the storm on Friday, and when he returned to his car he found a Cooper's hawk on the passenger side of his car. Despite Bruso's attempts to free it, the hawk wouldn't budge, so he brought it home with him and nicknamed him "Sargent Hurricane Harvey." He fed the bird chicken hearts and water as they rode out the storm together.

Bruso also recorded plenty of videos, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel. In them, the pair can be seen chatting together and watching flood coverage. Eventually, he contacted the Texas Wildlife Rescue Center, who eventually came and got Harvey.

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H/T: William Bruso

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