Cameras Spotted Strange Dots Along This Beach. When They Zoom In, It's Something I Never Expected

Flying along the coast of Argentina, the view of the beach does not look too irregular except for what appears to be an odd pattern formation in the sand.

Looking directly from above, it almost looks as if the entire shore is covered with eyeballs.

In reality, the beach is actually covered with thousands of nesting birds known as cormorants. Cormorants are a type of seabird that tend to develop colonies around the shore, whether in beaches, cliffs or trees. It is estimated that this colony contains over 10,600 individual birds and 5,300 nests.

As you are about to see, being up close to a colony of this magnitude can be quite overwhelming.

The footage was taken using a remote controlled drone and researchers have been using them to assist with keeping track of population numbers and the impact of changing habitats.

Drones make keeping track of animal populations and behaviors easier and cheaper than ever. They allow researchers to have up-to-date information about the environment. By extension, we can keep up, too.

Credit: ViralNovaBusiness Insider

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