Can You Find The Hidden Baby In This Drawing?

At first glance, this picture might just look like two people spending a cold autumn afternoon gazing out at a lake in some serene location in the Pacific Northwest. But upon further study, you might notice something else. There's something a little off about this landscape. There's something foreboding about the way the branches curve and the rocks jut up from the ground. 

This couple thinks they're spending the afternoon alone ... but they definitely aren't.

Step back from the picture. Stop focusing on the couple. Squint your eyes. Focus on the picture as a whole. Do you see it? Can you find the hidden imagery!?

There's definitely someone else hiding in this picture. You just have to find them.

Have you found them yet? If you have, congratulations. If you haven't, let me help you out.

First things first, while this might look like a photograph, it's actually an illustration. Therefore, the hidden imagery is less sinister than it might seem as it was planned from the get go. Really examine the landscape and the way the ground and branches interact. Do you see the image of the fetus that they make? That's right. There's a hidden baby in this picture.

What's the symbolism in this picture? Do you think the two don't realize they're with child yet? Or maybe they're mourning the loss of a child who was never born? It's really up to you to decide.

Originally posted on the site Optical Illusionist, they mentioned

“On first glance you can see this is a black and white picture of a young couple looking across a stretch of water. In the distance there is an island of trees and the couple are also standing next to a tree on the banks of the water. Just a romantic and peaceful scene you might be thinking to yourself with nothing more to see, however there is more to be seen in this image – an outline of a hidden baby in the womb. Can you see it?”

Some people think it's relaxing. Some people think that it's creepy. Regardless, everyone thinks that it's a very compelling image. Take a look at it one last time and SHARE it with your friends and family and see if they can spot the hidden image.

H/T: AWM | Optical Illusionist

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