Can You Find The Hidden Soldier In These Pictures? If You Can, You're In The Top 2%

Simon Menner, a photographer, had a brilliant idea in mind. He set out to capture images of military men completely camouflaged in the dense scenery around them. He appropriately named his series “Camouflage.” To make his project a reality, he contacted the German army. After accepting his idea, they decided to take the photos in both Northern Germany and the German Alps. After looking at the beautiful scenery, anyone can agree that the locations were brilliantly picked. 

He asked some elite soldiers to dress in their best camouflage and to hide out in each location. Using their incredible skill of blending into their surroundings, he captured something that is far more than a fun optical trick. The main concept for Menner’s work was to show war and conflict from his own point of view. The idea of not seeing something that was right in front of society’s eyes was the number one priority for this incredible project. Take a look at the pictures and try to find the hidden soldiers. If your sharp eyes can see through the camouflage, you share something in common with only 2% of the project’s viewers.

This is a tough one, but he’s in there.

Didn’t see him hiding there? 

It may seem impossible, but he is definitely not hiding behind that tree.

He was laying underneath the birch tree.

Try to look at every detail in the stones.

Were you able to spot the small differences?


The trees and bushes make this one almost impossible.

This one threw me for a loop.

Pay close attention to the grass patches.

How did I not see him there?

Whatever camouflage he is wearing, it is working.

This soldier was hiding beside the rock face.

Focusing on the small details of these photos is the best way to go.

This one could fool anybody. He’s like a ghost.


How about this one? Does anything look out of the ordinary?

This is the simplest one, but it still stumped me.

He’s out there somewhere.

Did you catch him hiding out in the grass?

Here is the last one.

I would have never thought to look here. How many did you get correct?

Via: LifeBuzz | Simon Menner

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